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About Us

The Kookabox began it’s life in Western Australia, invented and hand built by founder Rupert Crowe. Initially built of plywood and called the ‘BushBox’ the name was soon changed to ‘RooBox’ with the manufacture of a number of prototypes and demonstrated in Sydney at the Caravan, Camping and Holiday Supershow 2016.

Then Sue & Rowan from ‘On the Road Magazine’ and Chris Mercieca developed the design even further and it became ‘KOOKABOX’.

The Kookabox provides a means to just go and see what's down the track, over the hill, up the river or around the corner.

The Kookabox is a portable, self-sufficient camp kitchen. With all the equipment you’d both need and expect in a fully functioning camp kitchen, it includes a companion butane cooker, pot, frying pan, 4 stainless plates, 4 stainless bowls, kettle, 4 double-wall stainless mugs, 4 cups, cooking utensils, cutlery for 4, 4 stainless spice containers, rechargeable power-bank battery, 5L water tank, LED lighting and a chiller/cooler box.

All the extras and without the restrictions!

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